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wasp nest on-line promotion

Hi to all my followers I am doing wasp nests treatments for £60.00 when booked through my on-line contact form please book leaving me your name address and a contact phone number. I will call you back and arrange to visit you. thanks COLIN

Bumble bee’s in a bird box

Called by a very distressed customer to deal with some very active bumble bee’s which have taken over a bird box on the shed. I was able to remove the bird box and the bee’s and successfully re-site them in a safe place. A very satisfactory out come for all parties.

Wasp nest removal

I was called to remove a dormant wasp nest from a roof void above above a bathroom being renovated today. Being a conscientious type of guy, I removed several small undeveloped nests also. One of the undeveloped nests housed a new season Queen. Finding this will prevent further problems later in the summer! This months

I found a large wasps nest in the loft – What should I do?

If you are unfortunate to have wasps take residence and build a nest in your loft or any inconvenient place in or on your property, then you are going to need a professional pest control company to treat it and then remove it or risk being seriously hurt whilst trying to do the job yourself.

Follow CG Patio and Wasp on Twitter @ColinGeorge13

Follow CG Patio and Wasp on Twitter @ColinGeorge13.

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